Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twist, twist, twist!

At least I think that's how the Flintstones song from the Ann Margrock episode went...

but back to confession time. I have this thing where I'm super impressionable, especially when my friend Karen likes something. And Karen happened to like what our friend Kathi had to say about Twisted Fiber Art, and then Karen posted pictures of something she made with Twisted Fiber Art yarn, at which point I started checking the TFA website daily (though honestly, not at all compulsively, nuh-uh) to see whether there was any Instant Gratification available because usually when there is it only lasts about an hour and then you have to wait again for a Very Long Time.

Well, on Sunday there was a whoooole lotta yarny goodness to be had, and I didn't know what to do. Buy some, obviously, but what? I never did decide but just kind of randomly bought a single skein in the Valkyrie colourway Kathi had used for the very cool socks in the link above. And then I kept going back because, inexplicably, there kept on being a little bit left... and then a little less but still some, and then even less but still enough of the yarn I had started to think might work with something else I have to make a pretty cool vest...

and then yesterday I finally gave in and bought the stuff. I have gone from having no stash to having inadequate stash (yet more than I can find a nice space for) to whoa, stop adding stash! in an alarmingly short time. I gather this is normal?

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Karen said...

"There's a place I know
Where the cats all go
Called Bedrock! Twist, twist!"

Is it sad that I remember this? Probably.

And yes, excess stash enhancement is perfectly normal. If it's any consolation, my first Twisted purchases were pretty much completely random, too. xoxo