Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A deficiency of portable knitting

This is weird, because I'm doing so many knitting-related things, but - I don't have any knitting to take out with me. I've got swatches-in-progress, but they're too quick to justify carting around. And the patterns I'm planning to knit with said swatches aren't worked out enough yet to be knit without close attention to the needles.

It's disappointing since I'm going out tonight to a knitting fest and lecture and I won't enjoy it as much if I'm just sitting there. Perhaps this is the day to cast on my first pair of fingerless mittens? The purse-for-felting I was thinking of? um, a hat? What to do, what to do...

I'll tell you one thing I've got to do: never again let one block of travel knitting off the needles without casting on another somewhere else.


Kathleen Taylor said...

one word: socks

(several more words: size 5 dpn needles, worsted weight yarn, CO 48 sts, join, Work 15 rnds K2 P2 Ribbing, then knit for 14" for a tube sock. Then I'll walk you through the toe decreases. Or the same thing with fingering weight yarn- size 2 needles, 60 sts)

Mary Keenan said...

I have a serious needle shortage - no size 5 dpns! but I do have some nice teeny yarn and smaller straight needles and a recipe for knitting in the round on straight needles. I'm thinking I might go the fingerless glove route if only to test how that works. And if somebody's selling needles at the knitting fest tonight I will buy smaller sizes because you KNOW I'm giving in to socks the minute my first Knitterly yarn arrives ;^)