Friday, April 10, 2009

(Long) weekend reading

When I'm not sneaking off to knit, I'm a writer, and as a writer I love a good book... but the past few years, my favourites have been nonfiction. And what better nonfiction than a really good blog that takes you straight into the best of somebody else's world?

I've been lucky to find more than a few and I've posted them on the right, under You Might Also Enjoy, but I have to make special mention today of What Housework? not least because that might as well be my own catchphrase.

Here is what makes Jessie's blog so wonderful:

She writes about her cat, with pictures, which makes me miss my old friend Buttons O'Reilly less sadly.

She writes about living in the country, which is something I sometimes imagine I would like to do someday. I get all the fun of country living paired with the calm acceptance of the city's being a better fit for me, and knowing I can play with the idea without having to entertain the remotest thought of packing is just so pleasant.

She writes beautifully and knits even better and spins and dyes yarn and shares photographs of her lovely work and even makes yarn and roving available for sale.

Shopping, escapist reading, and an athletic cat: does it get any better than that?

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