Saturday, April 11, 2009

What's (going) on the needles

Yesterday I visited a turn-of-the-last-century farm and even though it's April, you could have sworn it was late fall. It didn't help that most of a block near the farm had been set out with white cloth and batting to represent snow as a backdrop for some film or other, but the temperature was downright chilly and the trees are still bud-free. Okay, so you try walking around gravel under those conditions, wishing you'd brought your scarf... checking out the sheep...

I missed practically everything thinking about knitting a nice big sweater.

I'm not going to do it though. The next sweater I knit will be a top-down raglan in all one colour and I don't have enough yarn in any colour to do that, so instead I'm going to take a break from hats and get to work on the dream vest, for which I also don't have enough yarn in one colour. What I do have is two skeins of Twisted Fiber Art's 'Playful' yarn in 'Torte' - chocolate and raspberry colours in a very subtle transition - which is perfect for the lower half of a swingy vest. Yeah, I don't have a complementary yarn to use in stripes, either, so this is the quick fix, using a provisional cast on to work down from, so I can pick up stitches later and work up for armholes and shoulders.

But first: the taxes! and before that, one last lingering look at the cuteness of the Torte snuggled up with a scrap of Firefly:

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Kathleen Taylor said...

love Playful... love love love it