Monday, April 20, 2009

Winding skeins

When people say you can sling a skein over the back of a chair in the absence of a swift, do you suppose they mean like this?

It went a lot faster when I realized I could stand on one of the chairs and wind from above.

And it came out all right, with no tangles. Yay!

Don't they look gorgeous together? This is the beginning of The Adventure Sweater. As in, it will be an adventure to find out whether I really have enough yarn to do what I want without a pattern. I'll keep you posted :^)

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I'd never thought of winding yarn around 2 chair backs- that looks like it works just fine. I always flipped a chair upside down and put the hank around the legs (if the hank was big enough, that is). But I strongly recommend an umbrella swift and a ball winder. You'll never be sorry.

Gorgeous yarns- I can't wait to watch the progress on the Adventure Sweater.