Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fiscal responsibility what?

Well, those brief hours of believing that sock yarn is all I can buy in the colourways I covet are gone now, and I have to face some terrible facts:

I have joined a sock club for the sheer thrill of having surprise yarn show up in the mailbox once a month for three months and not because I am a confirmed sock-knitter. Not even remotely confirmed. Never knit a sock in my life in fact and am more inclined toward mittens.

I want to buy quite a few skeins of hand-dyed yarn for which I have no pattern or clear plan, though I am thinking Vest! or Cardi! or maybe this colour as well or instead... or this...

I already have quite a growing stash of yarns I love and am not sure what to do with yet, and I can't experiment with any of it because I'm tied up with other work, so how can I possibly make use of these other new yarns?

Welcome to the world of knitting is what it all boils down to, isn't it. That and I'd better be a lot more sensible than this when I go to the yarny festy thing I've got down on the calendar for next weekend.


Kathleen Taylor said...

Yarn makes you buy it- it's an inexorable force... And Socks that Rock is wonderful yarn. You'll never be sorry that you got it (and you might actually knit socks!!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations (if you *do* get to the socks). Which I recommend, but be warned: Socks are clearly the sirens of the knitting world. As in, tie me down, so I don't buy just that one small, affordable skein of something beautiful.

Me, I like socks because they are a cheaper date than sweaters. Also because I have two feet and one head, making them a higher-production item than say, hats. Which reminds me: I find - only now! - that I don't think I have the right needles for a certain cute-looking not-just-for-chem hat I want to make.

Mary Keenan said...

I confess: I lingered yesterday over the instructions for a toe-up sock in The Knitter's Book of Yarn (aka the one book every knitter must have, for reals.) But I am diligently writing down hat patterns instead of rummaging for suitable needles because I am such a good girl.