Thursday, April 2, 2009

Empty needles, empty project pot

I've been so busy finishing off and tidying up, I haven't put anything new onto my needles, and there's hardly anything left that's old. In fact I think the only thing with live stitches is the gauge swatch I made for the Mirasol Nuna, which would be an excellent choice to go on with since there's bamboo in the blend and the winter weather seems to be breaking, finally, where I live.

But after I made the sample for the Lucky Scarf in Araucania Toconao, emphasis on the ohhhhhh, I'm not so sure that pink and cream are the colours I want to be looking at right now.

And in the meantime, my big ol' disaster cardi is slugging it in my closet, taking up space and not keeping me warm because I have not yet picked up the cast-off neckline stitches to make the yoke longer and tighter and more likely to stay on my shoulders. Or wet-blocked it so it stops making me look like I ate all the chocolate in town, rather than just the vast quantities that drifted into my house over the winter like snow.

I have to decide on something soon though, because I'm always a car passenger for some length of time on weekends and, ack. No knitting in the passenger seat? That is just weird.


Kathleen Taylor said...

socks, I tell ya. Socks.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh, you are baaaaad Kathi Taylor, baaad!

And I forgot to say that certain sock yarns are going to be discounted at a certain local store in the certain future, and I have certain proof that Noro Spring Garden Sock (on the discount list) is amazingly soft after wet blocking, with gorgeous colours emerging at intriguing intervals before said wet blocking.