Saturday, April 18, 2009

I bought some yarn and

I'm so excited!

I'm not going to get to knit with any of it for ages and ages but who cares? When I do finally get time to work on my clever vest, I'll have all the right yarn for it. Though it turns out that I was able to find such a fabulous variegated match for the semi-solid yarn I was hoarding for said vest that it can be a cardi, and the variegated yarn I thought might be a hat got matched up with a plummy solid and can now be the vest in its place.

Never mind all that, what you really want are pictures, right?

This is what I was working with - the Torte colourway from Twisted Fiber Art:

and this is what I got to match it, from The Black Lamb:

The colours don't show as perfectly here as in person but trust me, the brown patches at the bottom of the skeins is as close a match as you could dream of for the Torte. And it's soooo soft! along with everything else I found at The Black Lamb. Of which there was quite a lot, but more on that another day.

This is the Valkyrie colourway from Twisted Fiber Art I've been longing to pair with something solid:

and the Elitespun merino superwash that will stretch it out to vestlike proportions:

Again, not showing up so well but a perfect match. I was planning to go to another big yarn fest next weekend but now I don't have to, and I suspect it would be rather more sensible financially if I did not.

In other news, I bought two sizes of, um, sock-friendly dpns. And a drop spindle. Heaven help me.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I loves me some Twisted. Good job with the matching!

Oh, and I was so dazzled by the Twisted that I nearly missed the last paragraph. Sock needles AND a drop spindle!!!!!! You're in trouble now, girlfriend.