Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's the weekend: let's go hat shopping!

Okay, so I did cast on for a hat yesterday, but I ripped it out again today because it just wasn't going 100% the way I wanted.

Tip: if you have to rip out a few times and the yarn is looking squiggly, unwind the ball completely and roll it up again (loosely) from the other end. By the time you get to the part that got cast on repeatedly and overknit, it should have straightened out again, unless you knit like the Yarn Harlot.

Which I don't, being part snail evidently.

And here it is Saturday, and I haven't done a Fab Hats installment in a while, and even if you want a knit hat rather than one made in some other way you gotta get your inspiration somewhere. And you don't need shoes with arch support for online shopping. So, c'mon!

Hey, check out Vintage Hattery - I like the wool/felted hats and the box hats especially.

Or we could go older at Criminy!

Or newer, at the Village Hat Shop. I like the category page, which includes a section to meet all your Viking Helmet needs.

But my favourite is Posh Girl Vintage. Mmm, accessories.

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