Monday, March 22, 2010


A couple of weekends ago I was passing through Jordan Village (a charming Ontario community set snugly in wine country and chock full of heritage B and Bs and fabulous restaurants, in case you're looking for a holiday destination).

Being in need of sleeve-sized needles for the Big Project, of course I had to stop at Stitch. Stitch is my favourite LYS - you can feel real life dropping away from your shoulders as you walk in and creative ideas reaching out to greet you.

This time I didn't even get all way inside before I noticed Jocelyn's cardigan - exactly the raglan-sleeved, not-clingy, soft-wooly cardigan I've been hunting for, for about a year.

Did she have the pattern? She did.

Did I want to try hers on? I did. (perfect fit, dream design.)

And the yarn? In stock.

Done and done and destined to be commenced...

as soon as the Big Project is finished and blocked.

I do love carrots, don't you?

p.s. I also love this pattern... same yarn, same yardage, but I think best in the colour pictured here...

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Kathleen Taylor said...

ooohhh- perfect carrots!