Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mystery knitalong - the third clue

Much excitement during Clue Two about slipped stitches: purlwise, or knitwise?

Any slipped stitch is going to be purlwise unless the pattern says otherwise - that way, you're just moving it along in its current state to the next needle without changing its orientation. If you slip it knitwise, you're turning it on the needle so that it's twisted.

If you're doing a decrease like 'slip slip knit', you want to twist the slipped stitches - that's how you get them to lean in the correct direction when you do the decrease.

And if you're doing a decrease like 'slip two together, knit one, pass slipped stitches over', as you will find yourself doing in this clue, you are definitely slipping knitwise.

See? I know all these rules.

So how come I added a note to the directions of every clue that makes it sound like the slipped stitches in an 'ssk' decrease should be slipped purlwise, when they shouldn't? If I knew, rest assured I would be berating myself for this specific reason and not just generally.

And I couldn't change it in this clue in time to get it posted so here's the deal:

Slip your stitches purlwise unless you're doing a decrease. And if you're doing a decrease, do them knitwise.

Now go forth and knit Clue Three in good health! And if you're having any trouble at all, just e-mail me.

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