Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunpatch knitting

I'm sort of on vacation this week but not from knitting Big Project Small Needles. I'll do a proper update tomorrow; for now, let's just say we've moved into the big bag.

I love this bag and I can't even begin to count the ways, though I might mention the soft flannel-y wool exterior and dreamy soft cotton interior and the teddy bear squish effect that results from good wool being inside (as long as you don't stab yourself with the needles and so far I haven't.) And also, the way you look quite stylish while secretly hugging said teddy bearishness.

Melissa makes versions of this bag all the time for her shop but she'll do them to order, too. And she just started a new line of tiny gathered treasure purses that match this style, sized perfectly for one's stitch markers and tape measure and other bits and bobs (and yes, I was lucky enough to snag one today in matching grey linen, huzzah!)

The other thing I popped in to say is that my goodness, I haven't seen weather this warm this early in March since some freak weather in Vancouver the year I went out there with a high school band exchange - that is to say, when I was in high school - and since I'm on vacation I'm not going to calculate how many years ago that is.

(maybe 30. not quite 30. but close to 30. ack.)

So I spent some time today sitting in a nice chair knitting in a sun patch. Do Wednesdays get any better than this?

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melissa said...

thanks for the kind words! so glad that you like that bag. happy knitting! can't wait to see your big project...