Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knitting in public

Sunday, I had brunch with friends who don't knit, so when I pulled out my knitting pouch to show them my yoga-sock-in-progress the big reaction was for the pouch.

In fact I was still looking at the pouch as I pulled it from my purse when I heard a mysterious fourth voice saying What a fabulous bag! and realized our waitress had stopped by our table.

After everybody gasped at the matching lining, I had to pass it around so everybody (our very nice waitress included) could admire the way Japanese linen feels over squishy yarn.

Making a mental note to remember this appreciation of tiny happy bags next time those friends have birthdays, I showed off my yoga sock, but the moment had passed - only one piped up that she would totally use a pair for pilates and that her daughter would also love a pair (done and done.)

Now, if I'd had the Big Project with me, it would have been an entirely different story. I have to knit some of that almost everywhere I go to make my deadline, and it's the sort of thing that attracts many a comment from passers-by. Usually, "That is so beautiful!" is followed by, "It looks so complicated!"

Just once I'd like to say "Yes, it is - I can only do it because I am an exceptional person and a particularly talented knitter!"

... but you know, I always opt for the truth instead. It looks complicated, and it's not. Yesterday a woman approached me in a coffee shop for a closer look and said, I bet you can't watch TV when you're knitting that, and I had to admit that that's exactly what I do do. Every day.

Just wait - when Kathi's book comes out, you'll see what I mean. She is the queen of minimum effort, maximum impact.

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