Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why thinking is a good thing

I think of lots of projects and uses for yarn that never seem to happen, but over the weekend I realized why it is good to indulge in those pipe dreams:

If you ever are ready to go, the groundwork is already done.

Yep, I was thinking about knitting birthday yoga socks for a friend way back in the summer when I made a pair for Carol. And when I bought my first kitchen scale (for yarn measurement, of course) I thought of them again and even figured out what stashed yarn would do. Ever since, I've been thinking about which colour she'd like.

And over the weekend, when I realized I'm seeing that friend this week and still haven't started her present and there is a big project I'm supposed to finish first before I do anything else -

all I had to do was print out another copy of the pattern and pick up the needles. Huzzah!

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Sally Anne said...

These socks are fantastic Mary. I have often been to yoga class where my feet have been frozen and felt really uncomfortable. I do yoga at home now and can wear what I like, but I have two friends who attend class every day, ha, now I have their birthday gifts all sussed....thank you so much !!!!