Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mystery Knitalong - the first clue

And here we are!

Some people write mystery knitalong clues that lead you through an investigation, and when you consider how many short stories I've written in the mystery genre you'd think I'd be one of them. You would, however, be wrong. I'm much more interested at this moment in the knitting.

Specifically, in whether or not the many lovely people who expressed enthusiasm for this knitalong are going to continue speaking to me when they see how many right and left twists they are in for.

This concern has led me to source some technical support from The Knit Witch, though not for the right and left twists. She does have a marvelous technique for this but when you get a little into the pattern you'll notice you're doing something at the back of every twist that may or may not look right with said technique. So I made my own tutorials. They're not as good of course, being still photographs, but they should help.

And if they don't, just get a cable needle. You're only worrying about two stitches - to twist them right, hold the first stitch in back on the cable needle, and to twist them left, hold the first stitch in front.

I'm also feeling a bit sad about the really, really lame looking chart in this clue. The other clues all got lovely charts but MS Excel kicked up a terrible fuss about this one and it was either an ugly patch or a delayed start, which I thought might be even less appealing than an unattractive (but functional) chart. Sorry guys.

One last bit of housekeeping: the clue is a .pdf file, and I still hear from people who aren't able to download those - if the link doesn't work for you, please do write me and I'll e-mail it to you directly.

And without further ado...

The First Clue

Note: slipped stitches should be slipped purlwise, with the yarn held to the wrong side of the work (which is to say, in front.)

Technical Support Links


left twist

right twist



pure panic

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