Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas presents revealed

The secret big project I was working on through December was a pair of socks for Lannie:

They are Monkeys, and because Lannie takes one shoe size bigger than I do I made them exactly the same way I made my own (which are too big really.) Apparently they are a perfect fit! as are Man Socks, thank goodness, after all those problems finishing the toe of the second one. I used more Vesper yarn for Lannie's socks, the exclusive Jingle Jangle club colourway to be exact. It couldn't have been more perfect for Lannie unless it had bright pink in it too.

Now, Manhat (scroll down at the link for a pic of this gem) was not such a hit. Too wide, too long, crown too sticky-outie. I won't even frog it but will use the experience as a springboard for new designs; on me, with a different crown and less sporty colourwork, it would be a super warm and pretty cloche.

Mum and Carol both loved their Turkish Bed Socks.

And the mittens and glove warmers I sewed from felted wool seemed to go over well too.

Last year about this time I committed to making more stuff ahead of time, in the early winter months of the year, so as to have my own edition of Kathi Taylor's tub full o' knitted things ready for gift giving when Christmas and birthdays roll around. Admittedly I only got Man Socks done ahead, and those were done in August, but I definitely benefited from the idea.

This year I'm committing to it again, but with an emphasis on that early winter crafting component. Fall is just crazy busy for me every year and it's no fun to be panicked then, you know?

Of course you know.

I have a few pairs of handwarmers and mittens left that just need a little handstitching to be ready to go, and I have some new knitting patterns - two of my own and also, the Turkish Bed Socks - that are quick to make and easily sized. There's really no reason (other than my amazing capacity for being distracted) not to have a stress-free handmade Christmas next year.

Of course I will anyway, but unlikely aspirations seem to have become part of this nice lazy Christmas afterglow. They're probably fueled by excess chocolate.

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heklica said...

Wow, you've made so many presents! I mean, I've been reading your blog, but now that you've put everything in one post, it seems more than when they're mentioned in individual posts :)