Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fiber, it's good for you

Somebody said the craziest thing to me last night:

"I not getting you yarn for Christmas! I don't want you knitting on Christmas Day."

Apparently I have been giving the impression - how, I can't imagine - that knitting is something I do frantically at the last minute for a gift or a contract or to wear yesterday and not while relaxing or being sociable.

But my reaction was to stare out at a bleak mental landscape in which Christmas Day does not afford me a single moment to sit down and relax and be sociable. Ack!

I recovered and smiled and nodded and thought "you're quite right, I should spin instead."

Speaking of which, my last installment in the Twisted Fiber Art fiber club arrived yesterday and I am in love:

It is called Maple and is making me so happy just from looking at and touching it.

The package also contained a sample of the other colourway for this month, in superwash Blue-Faced Leicester:

and that one, whoa. After supper I set it on the palm of my hand and it stuck there, tingling. I literally spent the next half hour not able to put it down. I love the colours, but the way the fiber feels is amazing. So I'm ordering some of that, for sure.

(and while I'm at it, maybe even some yarn, ha!)