Monday, December 27, 2010

Now, where were we?

Oh, right: Christmas Eve!

I didn't post on Friday in my normal fashion owing to my Christmases starting a day early, and not having time to say hello amidst all the festivities. But I was sending many a fond Merry Christmas wish to all the lovely people I've met online, especially while eating chocolate and perusing the issue of Spin-Off that made it into my stocking.

Remember last week I mentioned the friend who said No Yarn for You! because I would knit all through Christmas Day? Well, um... somebody else did give me yarn and I did knit all through Christmas Day, getting more and more frustrated because I wasn't getting what I was after, until finally very late in the day the light dawned and I got where I wanted to be. Here is an early progress picture:

And there will be more pictures later in the week, I expect. The main point is, I really can't be trusted with yarn at Christmas, and I will stop asking for any.Much more sensible to get a membership in a yarn club, so as to receive yarn later (hello again, Biscotte Club!)

I had been hoping to spin on Christmas Day, and was prevented only by the yarn. But I did spend the last couple of pre-Eve nights blearily drafting out fiber from the autumn Twisted club, which was very soothing after all the frenzies.

I did it while watching what I suspect were the last two episodes of Foyle's War, which makes me think that asking for the DVD collection would be a wise choice for next Christmas. Not yarny, but yarn-friendly. Unlike Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me, which are both filled with cliffhangers and imminent drops from extraordinarily high places and produce exactly the sort of sweaty palms you do not want while drafting or knitting or even touching wool, really.

(Both great fun though, and I totally want Gru's scarf.)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that it continues for you this week, as it will for me!

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