Friday, December 17, 2010

Unfinished business

With 8 days to go, and all the baking yet to do, my current tally of must-do unfinished Christmas knits is 1 Turkish Bed Sock (with its mate looking very disapproving every time I reach for some other project resting alongside it) and 1 manhat.

Manhat did make it past the colourwork stage before I got distracted by keeping warm with personal knits:

and I think it does look like a maple leaf now, don't you?

I did a disastrous thing though. Some time after taking this picture and feeling quite pleased with myself about it, I ventured to a mall and passed a shop selling Canadian-branded coats and hats and Tshirts and hoodies. How could I not go into such a place under the circumstances? But I shouldn't have, because they were selling the Most. Fabulous. Hat. complete with maple leaf motif knit at a fine fine gauge which I realized immediately is the hat that Man would wear without protest.

They only had them in child sizes.

Still, lesson learned. Next year, assuming Man doesn't like this hat which now appears likely, I might look around for some finer yarn and start earlier and chart out some impressive Nordic-style images for a thinner, softer hat.

(I did say I take this whole lack of hat thing as a personal challenge, right?)

But never mind all that - I am obsessed with the revelation that I can make functional hats from my handspun. I cast on for this instead of making supper the other day:

I'm striping it so I get a little touch of the Twisted handspun, and am hoping there is enough left to be consistent with the striping for the duration.

This one is a little narrower through the body than the original, owing in part to the undyed Polwarth being a bit more finely spun and in part to my having messed up the increases in a way I can easily fix at the crown and therefore don't care about, but I kinda like it. If I keep it though I am totally going to need a white scarf, so I'd better get on that whole spinning thing - there are still 3.5 bags of the Polwarth left to process.

Speaking of which, wouldn't it be awesome if there was time before Christmas for me to get out the wheel and figure out how to use it?

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Karen said...

Honestly, I can't think of a single reason for anyone not to love the Manhat! I think it's great.