Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something is afoot

... emphasis on the something.

Yes, it's true, this awful-looking lump is supposed to transform itself into the beautiful image of elegance that is the Turkish Bed Socks glamour shot.

I am not worried: they could go on looking exactly like this and still make me popular with their recipients because they will feel fantastic.

See, they have a 7 st per inch gauge, and I could only get that (on 2.5mm needles which is still a little too big for my liking) with my almost-self-striping merino from The Black Lamb in Port Hope, Ontario. It's soft like my other sock yarns are soft, but it's also got drape and sheen and is just super awesome to knit with, plus I love all the colours in the three different colourways I have stashed.

Bonus: the pattern is incredibly fast. It took me about 2 hours to come up with this much while getting used to the directions, and I'm already through all the complications and on to straight knitting. They're meant to be a little short on the foot so as to stay on, which will make that part fast too. I might, um, make more. (but probably for next Christmas, because this month is just filling up like crazy and I still haven't made any shortbread.)

Meanwhile I'm glad to finally have a chance to use this yarn for something that will stick; I had to frog almost everything else I tried, owing to not yet being willing to knit socks when I first brought it home.

Speaking of which, I am definitely frogging yesterday's hat; I gave it a good test run with my hair down and later in ponytails and really, the yarn I used for it deserves so much better.

Fingers crossed I can stay generous and finish the gift knitting before I do it...


Brendaknits said...

Oh, too bad about the hat. I loved it.

Mary Keenan said...

Not to worry, the redo will be even cuter, and stay on to boot ;^)