Friday, December 3, 2010

Musical chairs

My head is reeling over the tattered remains of this week, from the end of which I have one overriding thought:

Thank goodness I got SUSP done and into the mail before the music started.

Musical chairs, that's what I'm playing at - only not only do the people keep moving, the chairs are going in as fast as they're coming out. Almost everything that was planned has shifted or disappeared, its place taken by some other emergency or illness.

I'm a little grateful that the music kept playing long enough to shift today's chair, though. On the upside, I would have had a whole day of knitting in a waiting room - on the downside, I'm so exhausted from Days 1-4 that it would have killed me not to be able to nap discreetly there.

Instead it's a different chair, and a different person in it, and I am back to where I was supposed to be on Tuesday: sewing Christmas mittens that have to be ready for delivery by - oh, yes, tomorrow! So maybe I won't be getting that nap today anyway.

This is how crazy my life is right now (or possibly, This is how obsessive I am): normally I carry a little bag of mindless knitting wherever I go, with a small cheat sheet of the bit I'm doing currently just to keep things portable. Right now, I'm carrying the entire pattern, plus my tool bag, because I know that at any moment I might be sitting in some waiting room for 8 hours straight.

(upside: the one pressing holiday knit might get finished, then. Yay!)

(h'mmmm, maybe I really did mean This is how obsessive I am.)

Speaking of holiday knits, look!

In spite of the crazy, I got the first Turkish Bed Sock done, except for the toe grafting. I figured I'd need to be able to see to do that, and sleep was indicated.

Compared to the lump it was in its first photography session I do think this looks pretty good - apart from the bad lighting - but let me tell you something:

When it's on, it looks exactly like the pattern glamour shot.

All I need are white floaty pyjama pants.

I am so in love with this pattern, even though there is a bit that you have to sew. Its construction is unusual so I thought it might be tricky: no. All I did to get this gorgeous foot was follow the instructions, and I am pretty sure that I can knock off a pair in two days without batting an eye, now that I've done one.

Which is lucky because I have to do another three feet, at least... and then maybe another two, for me. Heh.


Unknown said...

I'm right there with you. I have a big bag, tool bag, 2 projects and full patterns with me at the hospital right now!

Mary Keenan said...

Thank heaven for knitting, Angela - where would we be without it!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Hang in there! Sending calming, knitting thoughts!

Brendaknits said...

A pair every two days? Think how many can be done this month! :)