Monday, December 20, 2010

Handspun's evil twin

No point pretending that gift knitting didn't go to the wall when I discovered I could actually make stuff with my handspun. I finished this second hat pretty darned fast:

and believe it or not, the undyed Polwarth in this hat still smells sweet!

I never thought I would like plain white as the dominant colour in a hat on my head, but I really like the way this one works for me, even more than the one I made to give away. Not only does it stay on and in place in spite of my long hair always shifting things around, it's incredibly warm and was crazy fast to make, what with the big needles and all.

You can see why I knit the crown of this second hat with one idea in my mind, and it wasn't knitting the last Turkish Bed Sock. No, it was my first-ever handspun, the one in the colours I adored most of all my fiber at the time. I have 200g of it. It looks amazing with my coat. I have already failed at two hat attempts owing to the extreme thick-and-thin-ness, but this pattern seems like a no-fail.

The third hat took about 3 hours to throw together.


Yep, another fail. A horrible, dreadful fail.

Which served as a reminder to get back to that Bed Sock already! I have to deliver it on Wednesday morning, and I not only have to knit and graft it, but block it and wrap it. Oh golly.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

love love love love the hat!!!!!! Foo on Turkish Bed Socks- keep on hattin'