Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For a limited time only

I have, I think, about 10 days left to decide whether I want to buy more Twisted Fiber Art yarn or fiber in this season's club colours (yes) and if so, which colours (all of them) on which base yarns or rovings (erm... all of them?) and in which colour formation - self-striping, or evolving.

GAH.  head, exploding.  too much choice!

(and, I need not say, too little bank account/storage space.)

To help you out with why I would even care, here is a sampling of colours which may or may not ever be available again:

This last one is 'Cottage', and I know for sure I am getting some of that.  The green in it is pretty close to the wool I got for a cardi and how cute would a little matching something be?

Because decisions are so hard for me I am trying really hard this time to consider what I would do with whatever small-batch yarn I might buy so I don't end up with a bucket full of Twisted I'm afraid to use wrong, which is the case for the small remaining bits of my current stash.  I'm thinking:

scarf (have a lot already plus more in the queue)

hat (ditto, and while there's always room for more, they don't use up much yarn)

shawl (so saturated with shawls right now)

socks (ditto but there is definitely always room for more of those and they do use up a lot of yarn)

mitts (Toronto is too cold for handknit mitts, on my hands anyway)

cowls (see scarf, above)

H'mmmm, so I'm pretty much looking at sock yarn, and that means:

self-striping if I can get the skein lined up such that I start in the same place because non-matchy socks make me totally crazypants, or

evolving, in which case I would need to buy two skeins of the colour in question (see above) and use up the remains in a hat.

Getting closer.  Assuming those greens do match - why haven't I checked that yet? - I'll buy some Cottage in an evolving skein for a shawl even though I don't need one, because a cardi/shawl twinset would be awesome for fall.

And I'll get another colour in 2 evolving skeins for socks.  And then my head really will explode because there is no way I can knit all that yarn plus the yarn I bought at the Frolic before the Knitter's Fair in September when you just know I will want to be shopping.

(which isn't going to stop me from going over and over this problem for a good while yet so as to justify treating myself to a little bit more Twisted.)

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