Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A two-armed purple baby sweater

Looking out my desk window it's amazing to me that as much got done over the long weekend as it did.  Watching over the last couple of months as things were growing like weeds (mostly because they were weeds) or composting where they shouldn't (fallen leaves and once-greenery next to wood structures, GAH) I worried the whole place would fall apart before I could get to it.

But it's done!

Except for the planting, and the wooden-chair staining, and the many, many hours it'll take to clear out the garage once and for all.

Oh, and the purple baby sweater. Definitely not done.  I do however have two sleeves and the start of the back:

There would be more of that if it hadn't been so guilt-induing, knitting next to where the snifffy garden* and the tomatoes had not yet gotten into dirt:

(to say nothing of some shrubbery that desperately required pruning.  honestly, gardens are just relentless.)

*sniffy garden: this starts out every spring as a pot or two of 'herbs for cooking with' but as summer wears on I get super lazy about cooking or preparing anything, let alone stuff with herbs in it, and it becomes the sniffy garden per the use to which it is most frequently put.  Mmmmm, lemon thyme.

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