Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stocking stitch forever

Painfully aware that I'm participating in a cardi knitalong starting June 1, I spent some downtime on Tuesday taking stock of the current projects to figure out what I can finish before then.  The sock sweater is up there on the Want Done list not least because I strongly suspect I will need its needles to get gauge for my cardi, but the baby sweater is up there too because it's possible I might actually pull it off.

(and then there is the Irresistible, which is busy being Irresistible and cutting into project-finishing time, unless finishing a project you didn't officially start counts.)

The point is, finishing those two sweaters means a whole lotta stocking stitch.

A whole lot.

But I am nothing if not determined.  The sock sweater, now that I've confirmed my original math is correct and know how far to take the body and sleeves before joining them, is still in pieces and more or less portable.

The baby sweater, owing to the larger amount of yarn involved and the consequent twisty-knot potential, is working out better as kitchen knitting.

It's not going quite so fast as Sock Sweater (and neither of them so fast as Irresistible), but then, you only have to wait so long for a pot of tea to steep.

It would be nice to take a break from stocking stitch to swatch gauge for my June cardi, if only it too didn't have to be done in You Guessed It.  Time to borrow more movies from the library, wouldn't you say?

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