Friday, May 20, 2011

me vs. the ants

Okay, I give in: there is some merit in putting housekeeping above knitting.  (but only some.)  A minor issue with ants in the kitchen multiplied overnight and kept me pretty busy this morning such that I - wow, it's after 11am!! - missed my 7:30am blog-posting routine.  Thank goodness I put yesterday's watermelon rind straight out into compost once it was melon-free or I might not be here now, even.  Criminy.

The crazy number of ants presents a neat parallel to the number of unfinished projects I keep feeling guilty about neglecting (why is that, anyway? It's not like anybody is waiting for any of them) and the equal number of projects I would like to have the opportunity to feel guilty about neglecting.  I'm not going to list them all here because that would be too depressing for such a lovely sunny morning as we are having here, but I will concede that I don't want to cast on for the June Cardi Knitalong with Knitting and Tea and Cookies without bumping a few of the current works into the finished object pile.  By which I mean at least two, and possibly three.

Here are some factors in my favour:

Today is the day before (or in my case the first day of) a long weekend

I've been invited to a friend's about 2 hours' drive away

Even though technically I am supposed to be getting weeds out and plants in to my garden, it's gonna rain and be miserable all day Sunday

The baby sweater is finally going along swimmingly such that I could just get on with it already

There are also some factors not remotely in my favour (see weeding and planting reference above, plus an increasingly urgent need to get back to basement-clearout totally unrelated to some cats I may or my not have visited at the local adoption centre while picking up ant traps - no really, totally unrelated, dagnabbit)


Assuming I pack well for the car, I really think I could knock at least one project off the table this weekend.

(of course this would mean keeping my hands off the Irresistible for the duration in spite of being desperate to figure out how I managed to have the right stitch count and yet be off a stitch at the very same time.  wish me luck.)

So off I go.  Happy Victoria Day if you celebrate it, and have a great ant-free weekend either way!


Brendaknits said...

Happy May 2 - 4 to you too.

andrea said...

happy long weekend to you as well. as for the ants they do not like garlic powder. i sprinkle some around doors and outside in there nests. they do go away for awhile when i do this. they also don't like vinegar. i poor that in the ant hills outside. hope that helps and have a great weekend.

Mary Keenan said...

Aha! and I have both garlic powder and vinegar... I'll give that a try. Thanks Andrea!