Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good news for purple baby sweaters

Since it rained the last three days such that I couldn't get photos of what I really-most-especially want to show you, I thought I'd mention that just before I left the Frolic on Saturday I solved the yarn shortage problem for the Purple Baby Sweater.

Look, a new friend!

This supplement yarn is of pretty much the same fiber composition but dyed by The Black Lamb.  It doesn't scream at the purple so should play nicely in stripes, it's still pretty gender-neutral, and it's called Maple Sugar, which I think is a good name for a Canadian baby don't you?

I took this picture on Sunday (during a brief break from rain) but it's still in the skein today.  Winding it into a ball would involve

a/ clearing space for the swift and winder

b/ accepting that I will now be ripping out the purple baby sweater sleeve for the third time

and I am not emotionally prepared for either of those things yet. 

Besides, I have a mystery shawl to knit (progressing nicely, with many errors by me all of which I have been able to correct on the following row without any frogging so far, knock wood.) 

Oh, and colour considerations for the Deco project.  Can I get away with camel over a predominantly black and grey wardrobe do you think?

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