Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shawls on the fence

I'm still plugging away at my lump o' mystery KAL shawl:

Meet my 24" circular lace needle, courtesy of Addi and whichever LYS I acquired it from (When it comes to Addi, I seem to be spreading the love around.)

It's holding all the current stitches and appears to be able to hold a lot more of them yet, making this size a keeper because it will also do a sweater body and flat knitting.  To think I was annoyed when I realized I already had this exact size when I got a second with a non-lace tip!  The lace tip is great here, but in superfast stockinette my fingers appreciate the non-jabbiness of the regular tip.

And now back to the mystery lace shawl.  It's not so much lace really (till now) but warm garter and deeply furrowed ribbing, making it look quite small still which seems to be worrying some of the other knitters in this KAL, not least because now that it's so big it's eating up a ton of yarn every row such that one must look for contrasting border yarn in self-defence. 

I'm not worrying about that, partly because I already lined up a good contrast.  Admittedly, I haven't started the last bit of the current clue myself because there seems to be a slight hitch in the current wording of what I have to do next, and I was too exhausted the last few days to pick my way around that; today, the shawl is on the top of the knitting pile.

But a small shawl is okay with me if it turns out that way - which I doubt because you can block the dickens out of a shawl and lace always grows in the water even if there's just a little of it, proportionally - because small shawl = scarf and I never know how to wear a shawl without looking dweeby.  We've been discussing this over at Knitting and Tea and Cookies and someone helpfully posted a link to this video which gives very good suggestions on that front. 

Watch the video at your own risk.  It's making me think about making a really big shawl and I hate to think what it might do to you.

Yesterday it occurred to me that I could slip the shawl onto a needle of any size just to take a picture, so I got most of it onto a 47-incher and left the the rest where it was.  It still bunched.

Here is a closeup:

And here is the whole thing.  Don't the needles look like long spindly witch hands in plotting-something mode?

After I got the stitches back where they belong I noticed the needle I'd just used is a lace tip in a 3mm size.  Which would be perfect for the really big shawl I'm not thinking about at all.

(I knew those witch hands were up to no good.)

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