Monday, May 23, 2011

A perfectly marvelous day

Today is the cherry on top (if you like those, which I don't but am entering into the spirit of for the purposes of this comparison) of the best-weather holiday weekend in ages.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm not spending it bent over digging out weeds from the front garden. Or clearing out the storage room or the garage or even tidying up my fabric stash - that was the last two days, which means I now have both the mental and physical space to get out the spinning wheel again.

Early this morning I took the most glorious walk to the bakery and the fruit-and-veg store, and the air was tinged with exactly the same proportions of spring scent and holiday spirit I remember from my childhood.  And when I got home again I ate a chocolate croissant with the best pot of tea I've made in years, probably.

There has been a little breeze for the last few hours, sending not only a welcome cooling current of air but also the aroma of my up-the-road neighbour's lilac straight to my porch, which incidentally is not getting a bit wet from intermittent but gentle rainfall.  The temperature is perfect, and the sunshine - there is quite a lot of that too, between silvery clouds - is dappling through leaves that came out rather suddenly all over the neighbourhood on Thursday after being in bud forever.

Now I am baking chocolate chip cookies (sadly, to give to another neighbour due back here tomorrow from her mother's funeral, but I'm doing a double batch so there will also be some for snacking on while admiring the newly-weeded garden.)

Oh, and I finished something:

and it's not even midnight yet!

(I know, it doesn't look so much like 'something' as a heap, but this is its best angle.  I'm hoping for an improvement after blocking; I'll keep you posted.)

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Brendaknits said...

So jealous! Saturday was perfect. Sunday rain until noon then sporatic sun in the afternoon. Monday - enough sun to have coffee on the deck early this morning, then thunderstorms and showers ever since.