Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mysterious Shawl: revealed

I was going to save this for a rainy day but you know what?  Turns out it's raining today. Plus, who doesn't need a bright green Zing in the middle of the week?

So here it is: I blocked the mystery KAL shawl.

Tough to get a picture of it on, by myself:

But rewarding, since there are so many different mystery stitches in it.

I got a friend to take up the camera, but only for a minute, so this is all there is of that.

Blocking it was a challenge because I had insufficient horizontal space for this much wing (I'm sorry, but there is No Way Whatsoever that I will ever pin out a blocked item on my bed; naps take priority even over knitting.)  So I folded it in half.  This made it possible to keep each point symmetrical from one side to the other without any extra blocking wires - with which I have a traditional love/hate relationship - but it also left a fold line down the middle of the shawl

which I haven't steam-ironed out yet.  Been too busy knitting (and napping!)

The Pattern: Liz Abinante's Roxanne

The Yarn:  Biscotte & Cie's Super Bambou, in an exclusive club colourway

The Modifications: This shawl takes a whole whack of yarn as written, but luckily Super Bambou comes in 115g skeins resulting in more yarn for me.  Also it has a lot of bamboo in it, and bamboo will stretch during blocking, thank goodness.  So all I had to do was leave out the last repeat of the last chart - there should be another row of lace along the perimeter - and change the recommended bindoff to a superstretchy version.

The Farewell-For-Now:

(hope your day is lovely, even if you do have rain like me!)


heklica said...

Oh, it's so beautiful! Love that border!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!