Friday, September 7, 2012

Curtains! and other summer remnants

It's hard to remember it's 'fall' when the weather is still saying 'summer', but the calendar keeps saying September so I am trying to stay in line.  That didn't stop me from getting out the last of my summer projects so I can have closure on the whole Cottage thing for this year:

Yep, I finally managed to source lining fabric so I could make car curtains for my bedroom there.

Did I mention I had to order more of this fabric?  I got an e-mail from the shop about shipping that asked chattily whether it was for a boys' room and I said Nope! It's all mine!!  but when I was sewing the curtain panels tonight I thought Ack, maybe it really isn't grownyuppy enough.  maybe I will regret this.  maybe I will be stuck sewing even more curtains next year.

Then I came to my senses.  Because while I do like having the results of sewing, and I enjoy the ironing that makes up the bulk of sewing, and I even like playing with fabric choices and running seams through my be-yooooteeful Bernina, I do not love cutting out.

Or messing up.

I really only have this one rather awful photograph of the second-to-last curtains from the cottage redo, covering the giant picture window over the kitchen table, but it's enough to show how I sewed the curtain-hook strip too close to the top such that the rather old I-beam hardware is exposed.  I decided I like the shabby-chic of it anyway and actually, when the curtain panels are either both open or both closed, they look rather nice and even a bit French.

(project note: no pattern, just sheer-ish panels topped with tea toweling fabric cut down the middle and set lengthways.)

Anyhoo: the car curtains, like all the other prints I chose, required all sorts of matching nonsense I simply do not care to repeat.  So while it is possible that I may take down the kitchen panels to sew on new hook binding a bit lower, it is probable that I am done sewing curtains for a very long time.


What I am not done with is knitting socks, and in fact I expect to get a lot of sitting time this weekend in which to polish off another pair.  Or maybe I will make myself graft some sock toes shut because this is getting a little ridiculous, knitting four-plus pairs of socks and not running in the ends and all that finishing stuff.

Also ridiculous: how much I want to write up another knitting pattern.  I really wanted to make time for at least one this summer and there are so many things on the brink of ready, it's a shame not to push through.  Especially since I was after all able to finish all those sets of cottage curtains.

Have a marvelous weekend, all of you - whatever you end up doing with it!  See you Monday?

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