Monday, September 3, 2012

Ten knitting things I neglected to photograph

Well, in spite of everything going not at all as planned the past week or so, I have been knitting a lot.  What I haven't been doing is taking pictures of the knitting... or of any of the other stuff I am pretty sure would interest you.  Let's let (hopefully not a thousand) words fill in the gap, shall we?

What I would show pictures of, if I'd been taking pictures

1. the pile of finished socks I brought to to my aunt's for toe-grafting (there were three pairs I think, possibly four, plus mittens that need their ends run in.)

2. the pile of finished socks that left my aunt's (this one would look exactly the same, except the ends were run in on one mitten fingertip and halfway along one mitten thumb.)

3. the socks whose toes I later did graft shut... because I needed their needles to start a new pair of socks.   No ends run in on that one, so: not wearable yet.  Which is okay because it is still summer out technically, and they are worsted weight mohair blend socks.

4. the socks I am wearing right now, even though I am clinging to the notion of summer. Even though you have seen them before because they are the Turkish Bed Sock slipper things I knit for my mum two Christmases ago.  I take her size.  Isn't that lucky?

5. the socks I cast on with the needles that were otherwise occupied with toe stitches when I wanted them.  I am really excited about these socks, which have a coordinating athletic-style stripe just below the ribbing.  Of course I forget how to do jogless stripes and was too lazy to get up and look for instructions when I started the first colour change.  I might rip back and try again though.  They would be super pretty if I did it right.

6. the gorgeous uncluttered expanse of counters, tables, cupboard shelves, and desk area that resulted from my hardly knitting at all the last day or so, in favour of cleaning the house (what would not get a picture: the storage room, which made this miracle possible by swallowing all the problem clutter).

7. the cute button I found in the midst of the cleanup, and which I swear I never saw before even though I live here and everything: "Real Live Knitter (no, you can't touch me.)"

8. the inside of my new bag, into which I have fixed said pin.  The new bag is another Matt and Nat item with lining made from recycled pop bottles and an exterior that is not leather but sort of looks it.  I try to be environmentally sensitive but I will admit: what I love about this particular line of bags is that they weigh nothing.  and they are roomy.  I can fill them with everything I need to stay out for a day just about anywhere, and still have room for a bag or two of socks in progress, and not hurt my back at all.

There are some problems with this new one - it's a tote, so there's no zip across the top to seal in the knitting and other vital contents if the bag tips over, and also, it's a shoulder bag whose straps seem to slip straight off me.  Bleah.  I usually go for a cross-body bag so I can move both arms freely as I walk, so I'm not sure whether the bag will be a Go or not in real life.  But in addition to being weightless and waterproof it was on clearance pricing and it's black, so it was worth a try.

9.  the tag on the bag which proudly announces it is a vegan product and contains no animal by-products such as leather, silk, something else I forget, or wool.  ahem.  (you know my bag is totally going to contain wool.  pretty much all of the time.)

10. the new fabric and roving I acquired on Friday, or the loom I acquired in May and still haven't unfolded but am getting quite itchy about, or the yarn I found that I've been looking for and thought got eaten by wolves if not the ravenous storage room, or the newfangled darning needles I picked up to try on some of those toe-graftings, or the picture in my head of the neck-kerchief I'm thinking about designing with some mum-like motifs, or...

11. you get the idea.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend that didn't involve boring things like cleaning and did have lots of creative splendor.  And ice cream! I don't think I had any of that, but I did have a pretty fantastic cupcake or two.

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