Monday, September 10, 2012

In the workbasket

As the only crafty person of my generation, I received a big bag of crochet hooks and vintage Workbasket magazines when Aunt Paula passed, lo these many years ago.  I must dig out those Workbaskets and share them here - such a great mix of projects and ideas in a nice compact little booklet.

Of course, I never had a workbasket as such, just little bags scattered wherever I might have got up from stitching away on something.  But over the weekend, getting desperate about the current outbreak of open-toed socks, I dug up a basket and put work in it:

It's not quite so bad as I thought.  Lots of ends to run in, but I did get one pair of toes grafted, and the mitts just need a bit of fancy stitching around the base of the thumb.

Still... more toes are imminent:

So I'd better get busy.  Meanwhile, I've decided to keep all the current stuff in this basket for a while, just to keep myself accountable:

No trespassing - stabby basket!  Not very inviting or inspiring, is it.  Ahhh, the tradeoffs... I have more to say about portable storage tradeoffs later this week, but for now, let's just be glad we have another day we might be able to knit or sew or make something in.  See you tomorrow!

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