Friday, September 28, 2012

The A to the Q: is there enough yarn?

While watching The Big Sleep for the 8 millionth time Wednesday night,

I Finished A Sock.

(by which I mean, I not only finished off a toe, but immediately grafted the toe shut and ran in all the ends.  progress?)

It's this made-up-by-me sock, the one I have so loved knitting but was getting pretty close to running out of yarn for such that I wasn't sure whether I'd make it.

Wondering how that came out?

Yeah, I had to stash-dive.  The pink toe has some blue-grey in it though, so it comes pretty close to matching in colour as well as weight.  Also: it's mostly alpaca, so it's just as soft and luscious as the cashmere blend rest-of-sock (Yummy, from Twisted Fiber Art).  I'm content.  Or will be, when I finish sock number two and get to wear the pair.

* * * * *

In other news, I acquired more store-bought socks yesterday,

and decided that these shoes are really too big for wearing thin-knit socks or tights.  Does that mean I get to go shoe shopping?

Also: I developed a serious case of house envy after visiting Sophia in her new place.  She's been looking longer and more seriously for a new house than I have, so I am happy for her, really.

It's just that DANG, I would have loved a shot at this one.  Never mind the sweet back yard or sun-drenched attic space, I could have separate rooms for my loom (which still isn't even open here), my sewing machine, my fabric storage, and my knitting nest.  And still have a couple of bedrooms.  It is to weep.

Didn't help that after I was gone, she apparently moved some furniture into an arrangement I suggested while I was there, and is going to keep it that way.  Because I needed to know that the house and I speak to each other, le sigh.

So instead of knitting today, I appear to be spending my down time hunting up real estate listings.  I won't do anything about them because I love my tiny little house really.  I just, you know, love my yarn and fabric stash too.

(maybe I should renovate instead?)

Caramel update: I'm not sharing the link to those things a second time or even mentioning which post this week featured them in the first place.  They are delicious but deadly difficult to resist, so only buy some if you plan to be surrounded by other caramel-loving hungry people when you open the bag.  Trust me.

Have a fabulous weekend, and make something you love! even if it's only a cosy space for a really good nap.

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