Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delicious orange socks (that are too short)

Today while I was fussing with a knotty problem and other administrative tasks and - yes, the last of the course I wanted to finish today, YAY - I heard a


at the front door.

Oh Boy! I thought: Twisted Fiber Art! which was unrealistic since my first shipment of club yarn isn't due for a while.  But less unrealistic than my first shipment of club yarn from Biscotte, since I once again missed the deadline for that.

I made myself keep working on the problem and the course and the admin - front door investigation as carrot - but by the time I got there to check for a parcel I remembered that I had ordered more of these:

Definitely not yarny, though a good reminder of my need for bamboo-based sock yarn.

(I don't know if you're the sort of person who bothers with makeup, but I tried some of these bamboo-based makeup remover/cleanser things when I went up to visit my uncle at the then-his cottage so as to not tie up the sole bathroom with eye makeup removal, and deemed them awesome.  When I ran out of that first supply and couldn't replace it I tried a few different brands of the same idea at the drugstore and Ew.  Too scratchy, too smelly! The Kaia ones are the best.  I found another retailer for them online and have been happily ordering them ever since.  You can even buy them in a travel size, individually wrapped.  Highly recommended.)

The day kind of went crazypants from there with over-scheduling, and also a lot of staring going on between me and the now-messy orange socks.

I want to eat them up, they are so orange and delicious-looking, in spite of all those porcupine needles sticking out.  But there is a problem.

They are too short.

I started the toe too soon in spite of starting the toe at the exact same point I always start the toe for this weight of this yarn on these needles.

The staring I mentioned?  It was me, trying to figure out how this is possible, with intervals of measuring and comparing to existing socks.

In the end I decided I will just have to accept that they are too short, rip back to the start of the toes, and knit a few more rounds.  But that would require guessing how many rounds to knit, and by the time I made that decision I was tired after all the staring, and now (even though they are still sitting at the side of my desk staring back at me) it is time to go put a bamboo eye makeup remover cloth to good use.

So: tomorrow.  Or not, because I am pretty sure I have more crazypants scheduling for Friday and Saturday and part of Sunday and I should probably not rush in to the toe adjustment with an overcrowded brain.

Either way, it looks like I will have to skip Friday's exciting Hugs commentary.  If anything fabulous happens, I will totally pop in on Saturday to tell you all about it; if not, I'll see you Monday, and I hope you have a great weekend!


Darlene in Ohio said...

I'm well aware of the too short foot. I just finished frogging both toes and knit just the foot on one for a bit and then tried that sock on. When I was happy, I measured and then decreased the toe. Both fit nicely now.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this yarn! It's gorgeous! :)

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