Monday, September 24, 2012

Handknit sock delivery

Over the weekend Pete and I drove to Ottawa for my cousin's wedding - which was hands down one of the nicest I've ever attended - and although we weren't able to sneak in a visit with Karen (I'm sorry Karen, that's three visits now that were just too short!) we did get to drop in at Bob's to deliver his socks. 

I wrapped them up the prettiest way I knew how:

Mostly I reached for the first bit of yarn surplus I could find - I usually take the cut pieces from when I run in ends and put them into a cup for tying up parcels later - but then I realized this was yarn from my twined mitts, aka the ones I forced myself to finish right after mum died, and here I was using it to wrap up the socks I started for Bob when he told me his mom's illness was terminal.   Don't know whether I've mentioned this but Bob's been my best friend since I was about a year old, and we grew up in each other's houses being fed snacks by each other's moms, so the wrapping felt Right.

Unwrapped, the socks proved to look perfect in their natural environment:

And Bob was very meticulous about not walking over his vast expanses of hardwood flooring in them, to maintain their stitch integrity.  Gotta love knitting for somebody like that!  Maybe I should knit him another pair.  (maybe that's what he had in mind?)

It was good to see Bob in that house again because he's selling it.  It's an enormous place - my house could fit into part of one floor - and he spent ages fixing it up only to find that (surprise!) it's really too big.  I had a few great tours in the earlier years when the renovations were all-consuming, but I hadn't had one since it was done.  Sad to have a new tour on what will likely be my last visit.

Also sad that the one room I still think is my dream room - up under the eaves with nostalgic floral wallpaper and a nook for a sofa - is still the same, aka at least twice the size of my actual room.  GAH.  That house is just crazy big.  It would be perfect for a crafty person like me, don't you think? 

Not buying it though; it's too far to commute to the bakery I like here in Toronto.

I have lots of other little bits of news to share this week, and pictures too if I remember to take them.  Hope to see you again tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

No to worry, my dear--in fact, we were out camping this past weekend! I've put up some pics over on the blog if you're interested. Sorry we keep flying past one another, but we'll do this eventually. I can feel it!