Friday, August 31, 2012

Surprise visitors, knitting nests, and actual knitting

At the beginning of August when I should have been focused on where my next knitting meal project was coming from, I allowed the cottage grounds to be infiltrated by more female stereotypes.

(translation: I bought more Playmobil figures.)

This lot seemed to be more landlubbing than the original girls.

This lady is some sort of dragonfly fairy.  She was supposed to come with one dragonfly but got packed with two, so I'm thinking her wrists must be super strong to be holding them both up like that.

She could be a serious knitter I bet.

Vampire girl here came with a choice of faces, the other of which is just wrong for a Playmobil figure - all fangs and red eyes and stuff.

As it is she appears to be on the brink of making some sort of sacrifice with that 'wine', or maybe she noticed it's orangeade and can't face drinking it?

I don't have a clue what this one is doing in a series of surprise Playmobil figures.

A girl in a towel and slippers, with a brush and a hair dryer?  Doesn't she even have, like, magic fairydust fingernails or something?

And finally, the one I bought four more Playmobil surprise packages to get:

Yep.  I know, she's so cute.  Even with that giant monster chair looming up to eat her alive.

I'm sure you are dying to know the site of all these photographs.  Well, here you go!

Welcome to The Yellow Chairs.

The exciting thing about these chairs (I know, what passes for exciting in my world is pretty sad) is that they used to be set out every year on the other side of the path to the water.  And I never ever wanted to sit on them.  This year, I thought: why aren't they on this side, near the hammock, so people can be chatty all in one place?

And then I looked up and noticed the giant widowmaker-type broken tree limb waiting to fall down and crush me, so I held off on moving the furniture until after it was cut down and sliced up, and then I started sitting there all the time.

Some of the slices make pretty fab end tables and footrests, don't you think?

Okay, I promised Actual Knitting.

I realize this is still just Bob's socks.  But this is what they look like up at the cottage, just kinda set down on the coffee table as I get up to make another cup of tea or something.  Just like Pete's crossword gets set down so he can go out and stack up more fallen branches in the woods.  (Apparently stacking fallen branches is to him what weeding dandelions is to me: soothing and therapeutic.  But I bet you I get way fewer scrapes and scratches.)

Don't they just look so beautiful that way?

MAN I miss the cottage.  It's closed up now mostly - no sure time to go back till next summer, alas.  I am so grateful for it, and for the almost-three hours of knitting time each way, but I'm not quite sure how I will do without it now that I'm so deeply in love.  Good thing I got so many pictures!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends.  I am not posting Monday - it's a long weekend here, and I want every last speck of what I can spare from it - but I am wishing you all very happy knitting times.  Or decorating, organizing, or generally cleverbootsy times.  See you Tuesday!

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Marianne said...

It would be hard for me to close up the cottage also. Wish you could extend your season a bit longer as you enjoy it so much. Have a wonderful long holiday.. enjoy that wonderful sitting area, looks like a great place to sit and knit!! Take care..