Monday, August 27, 2012

Knitting venues: hammock edition

I knit in so many nice places this past weekend, after what I feared was a ridiculous overpackingness of knitting projects.  I mean, did I really think I would finish three projects and need to cast on a fourth?  (of course not.  I just... you know.  wanted to be safe.)

Some places I knit:

In the car on smooth unwavering highways

In the car on a super windy hilly dirt road, while keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the distant horizon (I still got carsick after a while and had to put the needles down)

In a pew in church, bathed in the golden light from an open stained-glass window that let a lovely breeze through

On the dock at the lake

On the sofa while watching a movie

And in my most favourite place of all:

My uncle's hammock.

O-migosh, is it ever great to knit in the hammock, if only you remember to bring a cushion out with you to lay your head on.  After a twenty or so minutes at this time of year you can start to count up the hemlock needles that have landed on you, and then you really feel you've relaxed.

While I swung lazily in the hammock I enjoyed the amazing scent of burning wood from my neighbours' bonfire, and if I looked up from my knitting, I could even see the smoke from it.

They were roasting corn on the cob, still in the husk - they just leaned them up against the stone wall of the pit and turned them occasionally.  After the corn was done they brought a few cobs to me for a present and WOW - it tasted like bacon!  I can't imagine how you'd top bacon-flavoured corn on the cob.  It was delicious later, cold, too.

Looking straight up:

I could see the canopy of the trees that shelter (and, in two cases, support) the hammock.

The cottage is a wonderfully peaceful place to knit and yet, it's taken me all summer to find that out.  I've been so busy cleaning up after mice, taking out some old and bringing in some new, swimming! (especially swimming, at every opportunity) and baking bread from scratch, I haven't just Sat.  I hope next summer will have more Sitting in it.

Or better still, lying in the hammock.

ps: it was so great that I overpacked my knitting.  it took me three tries to find a project my fingers wanted to work on and my eyes wanted to look at, and my mood kept changing so I ended up working on all those three in turns through the whole break.

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