Friday, August 17, 2012

Socks for a giant, and retro transit for me

Hello mr. innocuous sock, lying around on my front walk:

How simple and basic you look.  But wait!

Is this a baby sock lying on top?  Or perhaps that of a small child?

Nope: it's my sock, demonstrating Scale for Bob's sock.  Seriously, is his sock huge or what??  I take a size 7 in Grownup Lady so it's not like my feet are teeny.

Not that I'm here to point at Bob and laugh at his giant feet or anything.  My objective is to brag about how awesome I am to have gotten this far in such giant unpatterned socks knit in monochromatic yarn, especially when I have so many brightly coloured, artistically-dyed yarns in my stash from the very same yarn source (Stoddart; check the Yarns tab above for the link!)

Yes, truly, I am a splendid person.

Okay, I will fess up, I am not splendid, I am just smart.  As you may recall I started these socks for Bob when his mom was dying, and I am determined to finish them before the movers come to take away the last of my mum's things now that she has died.  They are Mom Therapy socks.  You don't have to think, the colour is as peaceful and natural as can be, and the fabric is soft and comforting.

Still.  I miss colour.

Cue some delight:

In July I was very excited to discover that some fabric I lover eversomuch was still available in enough yardage to make curtains for my room at the cottage, and I ordered it, and it didn't come, owing to some postal issues.  It was duly sent out again after boomeranging back to source, and just now as I was pondering a day without colour,


there was a thump at the door.

plus a little bonus I had added in for a treat:

I have no idea what I will do with this little piece of little trains, I just basically love them.  And you know what, sometimes it's just really important to surround yourself with stuff you love, even if it's not yet a Thing.


Over the weekend I'm going to post something special from my mum. 

It's not crafty. 

I just feel like I should say that up front because I know some of you are really only interested in the knitting. 

And for those of you in that camp: I am on the brink of casting on something that isn't a sock and does have colour, so there will be a little Yay next week for you too.  See you then!


Leslie said...

I recently made socks for my dad (size 12 feet), my hair dresser (size 10) and I will be making some for my friend's dad (size 12) after I'm finished with my current pair of socks. My husband is jealous of all the men's socks I'm knitting and wants a pair for himself...he wears size 11.5 and wants his socks to be black....the things we do for our men!

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh Leslie, you are SO much more splendid than I am!! I hope the other socks were more fun colours than black ;^)

Rainlover said...

Yikes those are so big socks, I have got to make a pair soon for my sister in laws boyfriend... i was more than willing tell I found out he had size 14 feet! HOLY COW!, they even traced them for me and its on an open manila folder!... I think he better pop the question before I start working on those, they need to stay in the family lol