Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The 'make or break' report

Today's crafty talk begins with the view from my cottage bedroom window:

Isn't it stunning? 

In just this patch of trees I have been plotting to move the cottage's collection of cheery wood outdoor chairs for lounging and visiting, and then to string up bunting made from triangles of my favourite scraps of fabric.  Possibly even freshly-bought indoor-outdoor fabric so I only have to sew it once.  Wouldn't that be amazing and even a little magical?

Well, maybe magical isn't the word.  Closer look:

Maybe what I mean is 'highly dangerous'.

I know without scale it's hard to think how big this damaged branch is, but try this view of the actual break:

And this one of the length of the broken limb:


(I already booked the tree guy.)

In cheerier news, lookit the cushion I made for the pine bench in the cottage living room!

It doesn't add any comfort as such - the bench is actually amazing without any supplementary squish owing to perfect carving - but it does keep the finish from melting under your legs on a hot day. 

Plus: so easy and fast.  I bought some quilt batting and just layered it to make a token cushion depth, then sewed a casing around it.

What I'm really proud of is the fix I came up with when I realized I didn't have any coordinating ties and didn't feel like making any from the cushion fabric:

That's right, I just did a decorative stitch in coordinating thread over the ties I did have.  Sometimes I really love my brain, you know?  Makes up a little bit for the less stellar crafty moments.

Hope all is well in your life today and that I see you tomorrow for the Great Reveal of who wins the copy of Cast On, Bind Off

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