Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So many things, knitting and otherwise

Whoa! Yesterday got so busy I didn't have time to tell you all the (un?)exciting things I wanted to tell you.  Mostly I was busy with photographing things for future topics, which is ironic since it made the day an empty space in HugsLand.

And... today won't be much better. 

In good news, there is a lot of stealth knitting going on and I am slowly but surely clearing a path to a big project I haven't even told you about yet (which means that nope, it's not a shawl for my mum... still kinda thinking that one over) and which... well, okay, I'm probably more excited than you guys will be but there you are.

I can tell you though that one of the heap of things I've been photographing is a heap of covers of cards my mother received and saved over the years - specifically, the super cute cards from the 1950s and 60s.  (The "Our Gift For You" one above has a black feather on one of the petals.) I'm in the process of getting them into printable format for clipart to share.  Cool, yes?

(and it would be cooler if she'd kept the Valentines she'd given to Dad.  still: the To My Wife ones are very pretty even if they do cut out a percentage of people who might wish to print and gift them.)

That's me for today: I have many hours lined up of knitting and casting on and possibly Kitchenering ahead.  See you tomorrow, take care!

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