Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finishing a knit, starting a can of worms

It feels like ages since I designed anything - or rather, finished designing anything - which is mostly because I promised certain people I would stop doing that, so I could do more essential things like eating actual meals and living in a dust-reduced house that maybe has fewer boxes cluttering up the basement.  Since I made that commitment all I've managed is the not designing but we live in hope.

Anyhoo, last night a friend showed up at the house bearing snacks and found me sitting on the porch.  Oh! she said.  Look at you, reading on the porch, how relaxing!

and actually I was reading knitting stitch dictionaries.  THE GUILT.

Here's the thing.  I still can't find a dream shawl pattern, and I had the stitch dictionaries in my hands before I knew what I was doing.

I told myself I was just browsing, you know.  Looking at pretty stitches.

Soon I was thinking, mum would love that stitch, it's like the leaf on her favourite houseplants.  Or, That one would be so nice as a shawl border.

And by the time my friend showed up, I was thinking, But I designed a shawl while I was grieving for Les, why not for my own mum??? 

So when my friend left and I went back inside, I gave myself a stern talking to and got out a long-suffering hat to start finishing off.

(even though the hat is one of the unfinished designs that snuck through the so-called break from designing, which makes it probably not so much of an improvement.)

I dunno... maybe I don't even have the right yarn for a shawl named after my mum.

Maybe I should go shopping?


Carol said...

I so understand. I still miss my Mom so very much. It has gotten easier... well, sometimes easier. Your Mum would want to see you smiling, remembering the good times, reliving the close to Mum times. Who do you know that you could cheer up with one of your projects? Cheering up others cheers us up at the same time. May God bless you with His love and peace during the hard times, Mary.

Debbie said...

I think it would be a wonderful tribute to your mom if you designed a shawl in her memory. My mother has been gone for 12 years and I still miss her.