Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ha! we have twined mitten progress

I was beginning to think I would never finish my twined mittens before the 2012 Games are over, and then it occurred to me that all I need to do to make it is Actually Knit.

Here is what an hour on the dock before supper, plus a more practical viewpoint on yarn-untwisting as I twine my way along, did for Mitten #1:

In spite of the view looking like this,

and this.

Honestly I do find the whole cottage thing so dreamy, the downside of which is that I am still having difficulty remembering which house I am in at any given moment.  Today after working too long on a huge reorganization job in the basement I thought: time for a swim! and then remembered there is no lake in my back yard in Toronto.  Harumph.

Let's look at the mitten again, shall we?

I'm going to have to pick up more stitches for the thumb than the pattern calls for, and I suspect the hand will be a bit on the snug side, but it should fit all right.

Anyway I am not ripping back or adding on more stitches at this point... especially since I realized I am busy all weekend and will have to be done by Friday or miss the deadline for my Games team at Ravelry.  Which would be terrible, not least because I would have no more motivation to finish these things before winter comes.  Just today for example, putting away some ribbons, I spotted the tail end of some Noro yarn I've been using to tie up gifty parcels and thought




even though I don't have any other Noro in the house. 

I'm in a dangerous position I guess is what I'm saying here: the days of my caring about just one project at a time seem to be long gone.  And I only sort of miss them. 

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