Friday, October 5, 2012

Conquering mount yarnstash

Yesterday, Trish called my attention to a habit I have of beginning sentences (which inevitably are filled with some challenging task or six) with the words "I have to...".  So, in the interests of not being so hard on myself, I'm going to pause and consider my words before I share the following picture.


I have to work through all this yarn or my head will explode.

Okay, obviously it won't really explode, but in person you'd know what I mean because it's all superamazing sock yarn I wound up last spring, along with an equivalent amount of non-sock yarn, in one crazy marathon weekend of trying to cut down barriers between me and working through my stash of incredible yarns.

The reason I mention this today is because I was glancing over my project page at Ravelry and realized most of the things on it are either done or as near done as to be Meh, not gonna take up more than the time it takes to watch a sitcom or two. 

And then when I noticed this photograph in my files a little later I recognized most of the yarns from time they've spent on my needles.  Can you? 

By my count, I've gotten through more than half of this yarn since I wound it into cakes.  In fact I think there may only be four sets left I haven't at least started.  Victory: in sight, however far off in the distance.

* * * * *

I'm not posting a picture for this story because that would be a big fat spoiler for any readers who are also members of this round of the Twisted Fiber Art club. 

What I will tell you though is that

yaaaaay!  My new yarn from the Twisted Fiber Art club just arrived in my mailbox!

and with it, a little laminated bookmark with a hole punched in the top and some strands of yarn knotted through it. Now to me, this is genius.  Read a book and snuggle yarn at the same time? who doesn't want to do that?

I was actually going to illustrate that point with a picture of said bookmark but then I noticed that the yarn on top seems to match the actual yarn I received.  As do the colours which have been watercolour-dropped onto the paper used to make the bookmark pretty.  Talk about yer genius.

And further on the subject of genius, let's take a little look at me for a moment because guess what I ordered this time around?  Not roving, folks.  I went straight for the yarn.  And not just 'yarn', but yarn dyed in an evolution from one colour to the next, which happens also to be yarn that arrives pre-wound into cakes. 

YES!  I don't have to do anything but cast this stuff on and go.

Assuming I knew what to knit with it. 

Which I don't.

But I do know one thing:

The weight is wrong and the fiber is wrong but one of the colours in the very middle of the cake is very same colour as ...

spoiler alert?

... the yarn Trish treated me to yesterday.  To which I say, matchy hat and cowl!

Have a wonderful and splendid weekend, or for my Canadian friends, Thanksgiving - see you Monday.  (unless I am too immersed in pumpkin pie consumption, in which case, erm... Tuesday.)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you VERY much for the new name for my cabinet! I have an adult son who says "Mom, you have far too much yarn!" (foolish child LOL) - sooo as of tomorrow, there will be a hand-printed sign - very official - which says "Welcome to Mt Yarnstash - Private Tours Only" :-)

Mary Keenan said...

Heh... I'm wishing I could still fit my yarnstash into my cabinet, but at least it's (mostly) only the stuff I'm about to cast on that's still sitting out!