Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkins and treats

This morning I went out with pumpkin pie on my mind, because this coming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving (or as we Canadians call it, Thanksgiving) and I don't care whether I eat turkey or grilled cheese sandwiches, there's gotta be pumpkin pie.

While I was pondering the looming expiry dates of pre-made pies versus the idea of buying a can of filling and just baking that, I thought of mum's advice on the question of pumpkin pie when I wasn't sure what to buy a few years back.  Which made me feel guilty because it was, Don't buy the pie filling, buy the can of pumpkin and follow the recipe on the back. And there I was standing with a can of filling in my hand because it seemed like the likeliest route to me getting anything pumpkin this year.

After thinking, What would mum do?  I thought, What would Mike do?  or Dave?  because I couldn't remember which of them taunted me with a mention of made-by-him pumpkin pie at a previous Thanksgiving when I did not have access to same.  (it was Mike, because I haven't talked to Dave in at least a couple of years.)

When I got home and started to unpack the can of filling and the actual pie I bought at another store later, the phone rang, and it was Dave!  He said he was feeling like he just needed to call and check in.  I love when that happens.  But I felt pretty guilty again because his first two questions were,

How are you?  and

What's new?

and I decided just to tell him.  Poor Dave.

* * * * *

I've been making it a point to touch soft things this week.  I bought a friend a stuffed bunny just like Edgar yesterday mostly so I could hold a bunny for a while.  I sewed more cloth bags too, because the fabric I like to use for those just feels great to work with and to fill up with picnic gear or a change of clothes.  And I put a few more rounds onto my cashmere blend sock.

Apparently we have more nerve endings in our hands than in any other part of our body, and I can believe it, because soft things have such power to make me feel happier.

Today Trish treated me to some yarn which is softer than a bunny or floppy cotton or my cashmere sock:

It's hand-dyed mulberry silk and merino wool from the jaw-droppingly amazing Sweatermaker Yarns, and it's not only wonderful to touch, it warms your hand when you hold it. Oh, and it's green, which is My Colour.  So you know I'm gonna be winding this into a cake pretty fast and getting it onto needles over the weekend.  Perhaps I'll make something like this lovely cowl?

* * * * *

After Thanksgiving is over we have Halloween, and in my neighbourhood the house decorations can get pretty ambitious.  But before I get into my own annual scary-house effort, I'm longing to have an advance treat to myself, in the form of some downtime with a magazine.

I really try not to buy Country Homes and Interiors (British Edition) any more because quite apart from the fact that I can never bear to send any off into recycling such that the house is now kind of overflowing, it is so discouraging to love so many things I can't easily acquire on this side of the ocean.  Things like ancient stone walls and cute teapots.  But it seemed like a good idea this time so now I have it.

and pecan tarts.

and a meeting starting in half an hour, so I guess I'll have to wait to enjoy that particular pairing with a hot cup of tea.

(good thing we have a long weekend coming up, yes?) 

Hope you have some nice fabrics and fibers to get your hands on today.  See you tomorrow!

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