Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ten things: happiness edition

There's not much I like more than a lot of happy little things crowded together, so today I thought I'd gather a few for Hugs.  I wonder how many of them are your happy things too?

1. A soft warm hat for a cold morning

2. A scarf long enough to wind around my head on a cold morning when I didn't wear the new soft warm hat thinking surely it wasn't cold enough yet to justify a hat and discovering not-enough-immediately how wrong I was

3. Not needing more than an hour to decide on yarn, pattern, and needles for the next knitting project

4. Knitting with silk, and gazing at its glossy sheen

5. Knitting with yarn that was a gift from a friend (thanks again, Trish)

6. Getting things done before they even make it onto the To Do list

7.  Crispy colourful leaves scuffling along the ground

8. The sound of the teapot lid when I set it down onto the pot

9. A really delicious tea to pour out of said pot

10. A few hours to myself for whatever I like, and several things I like to choose from (which probably means: a nap, then weaving to audiobook accompaniment.)

I hope you have some happy things to pile up today too - see you tomorrow!


Trish said...

I LOVE how the yarn is knitting up! Yay! So happy you like it.

Krafty Girl said...

Beautiful colour!

Anonymous said...

Love that color! So pretty! Just discovered your little blogs :-) I got hung up on that pic of the leaves on the grass - hmmmm - thinking of a lap-ghan with a lacy pattern with those mixed colors if I can find them just right and incorporating the blue which is apparently a ground cover? Or maybe a grassy green? Just love the pic! GrammaJeannie

Mary Keenan said...

GrammaJeannie, I'm trying to remember where I took that photograph but I think it was of leaves over a gravel path - kind of a steely blue limestone? You're right though, that would make a gorgeous blankie!