Thursday, October 18, 2012

This week's woven scarf success story

Because I'm still having trouble comprehending the notion of Keep It Simple, I gave myself a goal of weaving one thing a week, warping my loom on Saturdays to be ready for the next week's project.  Don't ask how this week's scarf is going, but yay! Last week's is entirely loom-free!

The sides aren't absolutely perfect, but over the length of the scarf the width only varies about an eighth of an inch so I'm comfortable with that.  I mean, apart from the test-placemat, this is the first thing I've ever made on a loom.

Trish wanted to know how far a skein would go on a loom and in this case, it went pretty far.  The yarn is laceweight from Biscotte, a seasilk/silk blend, which ran about 709 yards in 115g.  I messed up the warping a little way in and had to cut off a huge hunk of yarn when I realized I was making the scarf shorter than I wanted (note to self: don't do that again) and so at the end I used one of the cut pieces to take the scarf just a little bit longer. 

So: I guess I used about 700 yards to get a scarf that is 79.5" long not including the very long fringe which I will trim later, and more or less 11.25" wide. 

That's laceweight though.  With fingering, you're looking at more than one skein, and you're allowed to ask me how I know that one, sigh.  (but the answer is for next week.)

Have a great day guys - I got a lotta weaving to do so I'll see you tomorrow!

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