Friday, October 19, 2012

The mulberry silk cowl: a finished knit

I couldn't make this project last any longer than I did; the mulberry silk/merino wool yarn from Sweatermaker Yarns, a gift from Trish from a holiday she took to Vancouver, was just too delicious.

Naturally, it seems to be discontinued now (it was 'Lily'), so I'm sorry for telling you how delicious.

And I'm sorry for the picture too because I know it's making you want some of this yarn.  Can you believe the way it's reflecting light, even with my not so fab camera?

Now, this shot is of the side I showed every time I posted a picture of it in progress.  Flat, that side looks like this (except with more colour, because I really have to get a grip on the camera situation):

As you can see, lots of lovely knitting with just a little movement, and when you wear it that side out, the cowl stands up around your neck.

But on the other side...

Yep, a cool stitch pattern that was so nice to work inside out - super easy and fast, and you can see it building up to the next repeat with minimal effort.  Perfect comfort knit.

With the purl side out, the cowl falls into folds around your neck:

Either way, just the perfect amount of warm.  Once I've got this thing on I so much do not want to take it off.

It struck me while I was knitting this cowl that it is a perfect gift knit, so when it was done I made Pete try it on saying Of course I know you would never, ever wear a cowl.  But after going off to a mirror to look he said you know what? I might.  And with this ringing endorsement I feel confident in saying it's not only a fast and not-yarn-intensive knit, but a unisex knit.  Which becomes very compelling as the holidays approach.

This is where the yarn being discontinued is an additional sad because it means I have to find a readily-available substitute.  I'm on Door Number One right now, which is 100% superwash wool (so it may behave differently in the folding-over department) and a good deal less expensive and comes in a rainbow of colours, and then I will try a less luxurious silk/wool blend in a lighter weight and variegated yarn just in case that doesn't look awful, and then I will get this baby written up to share. 

Because it's been a long time since I've been able to do a free pattern and we're due, don't you think?

So stay tuned for that next week I hope, and in the meantime, have a great weekend.  Make something!  even if it's just a sandwich.  after all, they are super yum, and we deserve the yum.

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Melissa said...

I love that cowl! Great color.

<3 Melissa