Monday, October 1, 2012

(im)patiently waiting

Does anybody remember how long you have to wait between spinning singles and plying them?

Because look:

It's really hard for me not to put these things together.

In the words of my owl friend Flloyd...

... 'YUM'.

(Actually, Flloyd only has that one word, and he mostly only says it when positioned near a small field mouse called Patrick who joined my little family at the same time.  If Flloyd where anywhere near these singles, which he isn't because he lives on my desk and I can't work that close to the singles without knocking everything down in a race to the spinning wheel, he would be saying 'YUM' to them as well.)

I think it's the hit of silk in the fiber (to recap, this is Twisted Fiber Art club roving on a Festive base.  I erred when I mentioned this yesterday: Festive is not the name of the colourway, though it might as well be really.)

I didn't get to knit anything today to speak of - a few rounds on an ordinary plain ol' sock, meh - and now that I am about to have a few minutes to do that I'm not quite sure what I'll pick up.  But whatever it is, it just isn't going to be as Wow Factor-y as this stuff!

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