Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In-car knitting on an autumn leaves tour

Love the changing colours of autumn, love knitting in a car, love having both together on a crisp October day that is the first of a long weekend.

Sometimes the sun hits your knitting exactly the right way as you pass under trees that dapple the light differently with just half their leaves (apparently there was a big wind the day before, which means we missed the more amazing shows of yellow and red and orange.)

I had been mad at these socks for a week or two for not being the right length at the same number of rows I put into several other pairs of socks with the same yarn, which is totally illogical I know.  Also: unfair, because I'm the one who forgot this was a slightly lighter weight of the otherwise-same yarn.  The yarn probably knew it the whole time.

I finally figured it out when I had the exact same problem with my lace socks, and after I fixed those, I decided to take another stab at the orange socks.  I was smart this time though.  I only did one sock as far as the toe, figuring I'd try it on when we arrived at our destination and be sure before I started the second on the drive back.

We were going to the cottage.  Three hours there, three hours back, all in one day with just an hour or two to spend at the lake is a little (a lot?) crazy but better than nothing.  I mean, look:

This last picture is of our street.  Can you imagine?  I can hardly believe it even now... I don't feel at all the same way about my street in the city.

I wished I'd brought an extra sweater (next year!) but just sitting on a rock at the shoreline was so peaceful and cheering.

The water levels are way down at this time of year.  Normally the lake is lapping up over all these rocks by the dock... That lighter rounder one about the middle of the picture is one I rolled over through the water to serve as a step, and I'd be ankle deep once I was standing on it.

One of the reasons we went was to visit our new well, about which I plan to bore you on another day, but the bigger one was to check out the stone steps we had landscaped in to reach our dock.  One summer of scrambling down there without any of the previous stairlike solutions in place was plenty; I was pretty scared that somebody was going to get hurt a 40 minute (very bumpy) drive from the nearest emergency room.

We love them.

And from the top, they look like they were always there, don't you think?

After we'd fawned all over the new steps - seriously, we didn't even open the cottage, just ran straight to the lake from the driveway - we went inside and had a picnic lunch and I tested the first sock.


Then out to to the hammock, in which I hope to spend way, way more time next summer.  View from the side to the sky:

View to the lake:

Ideal knitting venue.  Especially if I remember to wear some sort of bug deterrent.

But that's next summer.  It's definitely fall here now, and I will be doing most of my knitting curled up on the sofa under a blanket.  Which is also pretty ideal when you think of it.

Hope you're having a wonderful day.  See you tomorrow!

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